Top 5 tips to battle the festive stress

What is festive stress?

As we know, there is a lot of planning that goes along with the festive season. Travel arrangements, food for the whole crowd, the right outfit, making sure that the right people sit next to each other around the dinner table and so much more! It is easy to forget to buy presents for all the important people in your life. Heck sometimes a secret Santa event sneaks up on you. Do you remember? The one you said yes to in November and completely forgot about... It happens. Especially during a rollercoaster year like 2020.

So what now? We run around the shops like headless chickens trying to find the perfect gift for our friends and family, but nothing seems right. Either everything that is available doesn't fit the budget, or you can't find the perfect prezzie in the right color. We know how it goes.

Luckily for all of us there is still time to lay the foundation for a pretty epic festive season. Breathe and we can mitigate the stress. Here are our top five tips.

1. Remember what this season is all about. The thing that makes this time of the year so awesome is the opportunity to spend time with people that you love. Even a pretty average Christmas dinner can easily be overshadowed when the room is filled with love, appreciation and gratefulness.

2. Get the food sorted. Makes sure everyone knows what they have to do on the day and get your groceries done early. Work in a few episodes of MasterChef in advance to get some inspiration. If you want to go big and make a Christmas cake, check out this link with a nice recipe. 

3. Don't forget your normal routine. December can be a very tempting time. Lots of food and activities that could derail the routine that your worked so hard to cultivate during the year will present themselves. Now before we continue with this, we're not saying that you shouldn't treat yourself... Come Christmas day, we're planning on going big, so you should do the same. Have all the food and drinks you want and enjoy this quality time with your loved ones, without thinking about your routine and January too much, but do this only during a few predetermined days.

Remember that January is around the corner and that you don't want to start over from scratch. Keep your routine going as much as possible. Eat healthy during this time, go to the gym, get on top of your work for next year. If you are happy that this has all been done, then treat yourself with anything that you want, because you deserve it after this year.

4. Find niche activities. The expectations that go along with classic Christmas activities are more often than not crowded and can't live up to the expectations. Covid has also made large gatherings dangerous to attend, so be mindful. Find nice outdoor activities that will take advantage of the South African summer Christmas season. It doesn't have to break the bank, because activities that force you to spend too much also places extra stress on you.

5. Lastly, buy your presents early! This seems like such an easy thing to remember, but we know ourselves and we continue to fall into this trap. Now, we at Earthly don't want to flog our products too much, but they do make pretty epic gifts for the festive season. We have some new products that will be perfect gifts for the summer season and that are guaranteed to put a smile on your loved ones faces. A pearly white one at that.

So remember that you are in charge of the festive season. Plan your month out and stay on top of everything. We have the ability to control this festive season and make it a fantastic one. Let's end the year stress free and take 2021 by the horns! Thanks to everyone who shops Earthly. Have a blessed festive season.

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