The real dirt behind brushing your teeth

In the Western society, people has built an empire around the essential need to
brush your teeth with toothpaste every day. Although it is true that the use of
toothpaste does provide a substantial amount of benefits, it is not crucial to use
it in your daily hygiene routine.

Mankind has always been using toothpaste. From around 5000BC, the Egyptians
used an ancient toothpaste which consisted of a powder of ox hooves' ashes and
burnt eggshells that was combined with pumice. The Greeks and the Romans
included crushed bones and oyster shells to aid abrasiveness and they controlled
bad breath with the use of powdered charcoal and bark. The Chinese used a wide
variety of substances in toothpastes over time that have included ginseng, herbal
mints and salt. 

But the more evolved kind of toothpaste that we are familiar with today has only
been developed in the late 1850’s. That first modern toothpaste contained
damaging chemicals and artificial substances that led directly to the spitting image
of the toothpaste that our world uses today.

Instead of staying with the use of natural ingredients, people started producing a
paste which mimics the actions of it. Some of the replacements that toothpaste
companies use are Fluoride, colourants, Propylene glycol,
Triclosan, Sodium laurel sulphate and Carrageenan. All these chemicals are
harmful to your body and the long term negative effects outweigh the short term

The use of toothpaste, natural and artificial, does indeed dispose of many oral
problems, but it has been proven that you do not need it at all. You can remove
food debris and plaque from your teeth without using toothpaste. The only thing
you need to do to keep your mouth in working order is to brush the plaque away
with water and a simple toothbrush. In extreme cases, you can even use a frayed
twig as our ancestors did.

Dental plaque is a sticky, colourless biofilm of bacteria and sugars that is
constantly in the process of forming on your teeth and it is the primary cause of
cavities and gum diseases. You can prevent plaque from building up on your teeth
by simply brushing it away with the sole use of a toothbrush.

Homo sapiens has evolved as toothpaste has evolved and we understand your need to have a fresh and a healthy mouth. Although you essentially do not need
toothpaste, we provide toothpaste bits which is produced using 100% natural
ingredients that are designed to help your body instead of damaging it. 

Buy your Earthly toothpaste bits today to travel back to the world of our ancestors
who lived their lives with a healthy mouth without the use of damaging chemicals.
A little less paste and a lot more bits.

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