The Power of Habit

The world is in pursuit of time whilst being pursued by time and humans are the walking versions of a clock. We repeat the motions of going about our lives each day in the same way, like the constant movement of the second hand that predictably goes around the clock.

The only thing that makes us differ from one another is the thing that makes us tick – our passions, our responsibilities and our goals in life. And so habits are born.

Habits are a safe harbour which provides certainty and that removes the fear of the unpredictable. We know when we should do something and the exact consequences of our actions – placing us in a comfortable and repetitive cycle.

Unfortunately, habits are not always beneficial to our lives or the world and it can result in a negative behaviour pattern. Smoking, unhealthy eating, overspending, procrastinating and nail-biting are all common examples of bad habits.

These habits create the daily routine that our inner clock follows and it is nearly impossible to change the way you tick when you have been following the same pattern for a great period of time. Quitting smoking, losing weight and saving money are all feats that are a struggle for humans to achieve because of the colossal challenge that habits provide us with.

The harmful way we treat our world and interact with Mother Nature is a bad habit of the human population. These habits have been passed along from generation to generation and today we sit with the consequences of the habits that have been handed down to us.

The Earthly Team is motivated and driven to try to change the way that the human population tick. We want to provide the world with an alternative daily routine and we are starting with the simple habit that everyone starts their day with.

Toothpaste bits remove the excessive use of plastic from the equation and forms a healthy habit to follow for your body and the planet. We cannot change the ticking of the world’s clock but we can try to change mankind’s simple bad habit of using toothpaste tubes.

A little less bad habits and a lot more good habits.



I love that the word “bits” is in habits – coincidental? I can wait to start using ours, should arrive soon. Getting these as gifts are such a great idea!

Marinda Cockbain

Hi guys,
I bought 2 sets, one for myself and one for my friend and we are loving it. One small change can make a difference.
Thanks guys for this initiative.
Will be buying this for my friends as gifts. Converting them one by one

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