More than just a promise

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Just thought we'd see how your new year's resolutions are going. As we are nearing the end of the first month of 2021, it is important to take a look at how the promises we made to ourselves are holding up.

A resolution is defined as the quality of being determined or resolute. It means standing firm in a decision. Even though they are often proclaimed to the world in a hope that the accountability that comes with people knowing about it will help us to keep them, we believe that it should be more personal.

It's ironic that we say this, because Earthly has made it no secret that our resolution is to help in decreasing the amount of non recycled plastic on Earth. Despite the obvious transparency of our brand's resolution, each person in our team made personal resolutions all revolving around living more sustainably and helping our planet. This sustainability refers to using eco-friendly products and living more health consciously. It also refers to the fact that our team has individually decided to work extra hard to build Earthly and spread our Ethos.

It's never too late to make life changing decisions. The New Year part of new year's resolutions doesn't only have to refer to the first day of the year. It should rather refer to the whole year. We can make our resolutions any time and even if we fell of the wagon or stumbled in our resolutions, we should get back to it and soldier on. Don't get discouraged about the amount of consecutive days lost because of a lapse in judgement. Rather think of the time spent cultivating a new habit and way of living as a whole.

We approach our new year's resolution the same every year. As more than just a promise said out loud. Our resolution to reduce the amount of non recycled plastic is achieved with planning and a mentality of getting it done at all costs.

Our resolutions are more than just a promise. They are a choice and they are yours to make too. It is one thing to have a resolution that will fit well on a bumper sticker and sounds nice around a table of food, but to make a personal choice to improve your quality of life and think of the impact that your life has.

Keep your resolutions personal. Forget about the social currency associated with resolutions and approach them as a favor to yourself. No one is perfect and failing is part of the journey, but to really make substantial change in your life, you have to be willing to keep trying.

Let's all aim to do our part in 2021. Bit by bit.

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