Earthly's Ethos and the Slow Movement

We make it no secret that our products are made with the utmost care for the environment. The entire production process is designed to allow quality control to stand at the forefront. The creation of our toothbits takes place in phases. Each phase is designed to make it easy for the production team to keep their finger on the pulse. Each phase is not rushed, it takes as long as it needs to. This ensures that we can consistently produce quality products. We don't rush to produce as much as possible, we are passionate about quality.

At Earthly, the slow movement is a great inspiration.

What is the slow movement? Well it all started in Italy, with a guy named Carlo Petrini in 1986. He wasn't a big fan of opening a Mcdonald's in Rome, more specifically in the Piazza di Spagna, and started a protest. The protest was aimed at big corporation coming in and taking away from the joy of, and need for, supporting local producers.

The slow movement has since evolved and sprouted roots in various fields. Music, Gaming, Education, Food and much more.

The slow movement is not about doing everything extremely slowly. It is about ensuring that everything is done at the correct pace. This way quality stands at the forefront of the entire production process.

The slow movement further aims to promote the support of local products. By supporting local, it is easier to have a rapport with the manufacturer. You know who you're buying from and start building more personal relationships.

Social media has given us to opportunity to have a direct line of communication with our Earthly family members. We love to hear from you and chat to you about what we can do better and how we can help you. We urge you to keep chatting to us. Keep sending us messages and suggesting us to your friends and family, because this is how we will spread our ethos and inspire more people to join us in ensuring a future with less non recycled plastic.

Next time you pop a toothbit in your mouth, think about the work that went into ensuring the quality. Think about the time we took to create a good product. Most importantly, think of the difference that your choice is making.

Thank you for supporting us and doing your part, bit by bit!

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