A letter from our Managing Director

Earthly has been classified as an Essential Service provider in South Africa during this unprecedented lock down period as we only manufacture and distribute oral hygiene products. This puts us in a very fortunate position and have thus decided to take some extraordinary steps to benefit each of our clients!
We offer FREE DELIVERY on all orders to the whole of Mzansi! The delivery costs aren't calculated into our selling price but rather taken from our profits, not just during lock down but as a company policy we never charge for delivery. This basically means you will be able to buy the products online at the same price, in most cases even less, than you would in a retail shop without having to leave your couch.
All of our online sales and deliveries has continued as normal during the lock down as well as the new extended lock down and we have taken the necessary steps to avoid any local transmissions of the Covid-19 virus. We do caution that some delays in isolated cases may occur in delivery due to circumstances beyond our control. 
In addition to the above mentioned Earthly pledges to Donate R10 for each online sales to the Heartflow Foundation - - that was created by Charl Reyneke to help combat South Africa's homeless in communities where it is needed most!
This is a perfect time to take responsibility and support local small businesses. Our current situation clearly indicates that we as a human species has the ability to cause unimaginable harm, so lets not only try to revive our economy but instead kick start our green economy and make it the vocal point of our rebuilding.
Good for your body, better for the environment. Lets start making this world better together, BIT by BIT!
The future is now, shop Earthly!
-Dan van Zyl (Managing Director of Earthly)

What exactly is happening at Earthly during the lock down?

Here at Earthly we are focused and tackling this situation head on!
We have realized that we as a company basically has two options, sink or swim and we can assure you that we have chosen the latter.
We see this as a obstacle to overcome but more so as an opportunity to set new standards in our manufacturing practices, general hygiene practices and crisis handling ability.
We've taken all necessary steps to ensure that there is zero chance for transmission to happen through our company to any of our customers.
  • All of our employees wear gloves and face mask as a primary barrier for the virus.
  • The second barrier is limiting the amount of personnel to the manufacturing process, packing process and distribution process to only one person per process.
  • The third barrier comes from each client disinfecting their own order as a final barrier against the virus.
These barrier are put in place to ensure that team Earthly and their customers are kept virus free and operational to help our struggling economy.
Our courier company has put the following measures into place:
  • All Couriers vehicles are in the process of undergoing a "Deep clean".
  • Couriers have been instructed to sanitise all touchpoints in the vehicles frequently.
  • All Couriers will be carrying sanitisers and wipes to frequently sanitise their hands and scanners.
  • All couriers and depot staff have been educated in respect of the Coronavirus, the symptoms, how it spreads and prevention.
  • They have also received training on how to minimise the risk of infection to themselves and our customers.
  • Couriers have been issued with latex gloves and masks for utilization in the delivery process.

Shopping online has become the best method of buying goods while self isolating and enduring this pandemic together as a nation.  


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