5 Ways to reduce your plastic footprint

How to stick the plastic

Plastic is lightweight, durable, cost effective and flexible – no wonder almost every company uses it as their packaging. These factors have stolen the hearts of the human population whilst slowly killing the heart of Mother Nature.

Plastic might be the most convenient option for our short-term stay on the planet but it is definitely not the ideal route to take for the long-term future of our Earth. By simply changing your daily habits surrounding the use of plastic, you can make a titanic difference in the amount of plastic that ends up in landfills and oceans.

Worldwide, about two million plastic bags and one million plastic bottles are bought each minute and only about 9% of the total amount of plastic gets recycled. 8 million metric tons of plastic end up in the ocean each year and this results in the death of more than 1,1 million animals and seabirds. Unfortunately, it is not only the animals that suffer from the intake of plastic - the average person eats around 70 000 microplastics each year.

So, how can you reduce your plastic usage?

[1] Say no to plastic straws. A study showed that around 8,3 billion plastic straws pollute the world’s beaches and over 1000 sea turtles are killed each year as a result. Use bamboo, stainless steel or glass straws as an alternative and decline plastic straws in restaurants or coffee shops.

[2] Avoid plastic bottles. Invest in a glass,stainless steel or aluminium water bottle to avoid the use of plastic bottles and thus avoiding dangerous chemicals like bisphenol A or fluorene-9-bisphenol that might end up in your water and in your bloodstream.

[3] Stop using disposable plastic bags. The average plastic bag is used for 12 minutes, thrown away and then takes approximately 500 to 1000 years to degrade in a landfill or ocean. Use alternative shopping bags made out of cotton or natural fibers that are more durable and Eco-friendly to stop your use of plastic bags.

[4] Use products with sustainable packaging or re-use packaging. When shopping, try to avoid disposable products with plastic packaging and look out for cardboard or sustainable packaging. This will motivate companies to go into the more earthly and eco-friendly direction.

[5] Say yes to toothpaste Bits. Use our Earthly toothpaste bits and steer clear of toothpaste tubes. Around 1,4 billion plastic tubes are thrown away each year and the usage of toothpaste bits will reduce that number drastically.

The solution to the world’s plastic dilemma is to be mindful about how much plastic you use and dispose of. You can make a colossal difference by using these simple tips and by motivating family and friends to do the same.

Be Earthly and use a little less plastic.

The future is now, shop Earthly!

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