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As simple as One, Two, Three...

(1) BITE - pop a Toothbit in your mouth and gently bite down until fully disintegrated.

(2) BRUSH - wet your toothbrush slightly (or not), brush and watch how foam magically appears.

(3) SMILE - repeat twice a day, every day with not only a more natural smile but a bigger smile.







Toothbit Ingredients - More natural than Table Mountain

- Transparency is the key to successful customer relations -

Xylitol | Makes our bits naturally sweet whilst repelling cavity-causing bacteria.

Erythritol |  Repels cavity-causing bacteria and prevents plaque from forming on your teeth.

Sodium Bicarbonate | Contributes to the perfect balance of PH-levels in your mouth.

Sodium Cocoyl Isethionate | Creates the magical foam in our Bits and cleans your teeth.

Spearmint | Makes your breath and mouth taste clean and fresh.

*Activated Charcoal | Detoxifies and tackles surface stains on your teeth for natural whitening. 

Bentonite | Acts as a cleaning and polishing agent and replenishes the minerals in your teeth.

Dicalcium Phosphate | Acts as an abrasive that is similar to the building blocks of your teeth.

*Only used in Activated Charcoal flavor